“A little bit scarily pizza obsessed…”

That’s what my co-worker told me just two days ago.  She joined the company only three weeks ago, and after a few meals and talks together, has branded me as a pizza obsessed man.

She’s right though, and honestly, I can’t help it.  There’s something beautiful about a perfectly made pizza, especially Neapolitan style.  The gorgeous airy rise in the cornicione (fancy terminology for the outside ring of the crust), the slightly charred bottom, the blend of flavors from the topping… It’s food for your soul when it’s done right.

So why the start of this blog?  Let me share with you the beginning of this adventure…

About 5 months ago, my wife (let’s call her EyeDoc for now) just finished her job at a company and moved into opening her own business.  After she got home late with many sentimental goodbyes, we decided celebrate the occasion with a meal out.   (That, and our kitchen was a mess due to a leak from the fridge making the floors wet… but I digress.)  There weren’t many places open still at 8:00 PM in the suburbs of Chicago, but we found one pizza/wine place on Yelp that was still open, fairly new to the area, and had some strong reviews.

We walked in, and noticed that there was a pizza bar, something new to the both of us.  Since we’ve always sat at sushi bars to chat with hosts, why not try the same with pizza?  We ordered up a burrata appetizer and marinara pizza.  And that’s when my obsession began….  I sat at the pizza bar watching as our pizzaolo turn out and open up the fresh dough, layer on the sauce as an artist paints on a canvas, and in less than 90 seconds, pull it this masterpiece out of the oven… the sauce was salty but not overly so, but the crust is really what won me over… good amount of chew on the outside, thrown beautifully thin and crisp in the center.  Great rise on the edge, perfect amounts of light char…  I was hooked.  And from the look in my eyes as I ate the pizza, EyeDoc whispered “Oh no…”  She knew this was going to be the start of one of my obsessive food projects…

While there’s plenty more to catch you up on, we’ve only just met, and I don’t want to scare you off with my obsession!  So how about we continue the story next time?  And I’ll continue to fill you in on my quest/journey to bring Neo-neapolitan pizza to a farmer’s market of Chicago…


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