Project manager by day, food fanatic by nights and weekends… These are the meandering thoughts and stories as I strive to create a great Neapolitan-style pizza and bring it to Farmer’s Markets in Chicagoland.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mr. Tung,

    Several months ago, I left New York, NY for Chicago, and in doing so, I also left Pauli e Gee’s, which, as I’m sure you know, is irreplaceable. The news that you’ll be opening Paulie Gee’s Chicago is some of the best I’ve heard in long time.

    You’ve been granted an enormous responsibility, and while you have my full support, I wanted to let you know that I desperately hope that you stay as true as you can to the original. Please don’t try to do more than what Paulie does in Greenpoint, for that’s already more than any of us could ask for. Build a good oven, make pizzas like he makes pizzas, and bring us limoncello shots on our birthday. We will be forever indebted.

    If there is anything that I could help with (for free, of course) as you get the restaurant up and running, please, please, know that I’d be grateful for the opportunity. I don’t have years of experience in the field (I’m a medical student, after all), but I have a good eye for design, a good taste for pizza, and a good sense of what Paulie Gee’s is all about.

    All my best!

  2. Congratulations on your new venture with Paulie Gee’s Chicago! Being from Dyer Indiana, I’m glad I will be able to visit a pizzeria that has been on my list to try.

    My love of pizza took me to Boulder Colorado to learn more from The Fire Within. I never purchased a trailer (yet) but, I did build an awesome 42″ Pompeii in my backyard and have been cranking out unique pies and bread for a few years.

    Best of luck

    Mark Decker

  3. @Trevor – Can’t wait to have you as a resource! Don’t worry, we’ll get those limoncello shots up for those special occassions. 😉 Sent you an e-mail to touch base already!

  4. @Mark – Thanks for the note! We had looked at Fire Within for awhile and decided to give it go ourselves first. I’ve heard great things about their classes, and it sounds like you’ve been doing some great stuff! There’s nothing quite as good as a fresh pie from a woodfired oven… in the dead of this winter, we’ve definitely been drooling in anticipation for the spring to get it back up again!

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